How Vacuum Sealer Bags Preserving Food?

Everything and every product invented nowadays directly or indirectly is linked to eating habits and lifestyles. Hectic and fast going lifestyles attract many ailments and diseases. Out of the most challenging things that people deal with regularly, storing and preserving food has been the most challenging, not only for people with busy schedules but also for housewives, students, and people who live alone are still struggling to preserve food for an extended duration. Many products have tried to do the job of preservation like zip lock bags, aluminum foil, air-tight containers, until the introduction of the vacuum sealer bags, which have changed the whole scenario by adding simple science and technology to preserve food.

What kind of mechanism does it follow?

The set of vacuum sealers comes with some important paraphernalia like a sealing machine, some sealing strips, and a cleaner for the machine. The sealing strip is at least ½ inch thick and 30 feet long. When food is stored in the sealing bags, the machine seals it, sucking the air out, which tightens and seals the packet from every corner. There are buttons to direct as to how tightly sealed you want your packet to be.

How long can it preserve the food?

The process of sealing the bag is fast if someone wants to keep the food fresh for 1-2 weeks instead of 24 to 48 hours. It can keep marinated meat, freshly cut fruits and vegetables, and even sweet and savory dishes. Vacuum sealer bags have become very convenient for residential and working people and restaurants and food joints that have to marinate some meat for a longer duration.

Is it safe to use?

The material that the sealing bags are made up of is of superior and fine quality, which does not affect the quality of the food and maintains the freshness from the first day.


There are many doubts and skepticism attached to using these vacuum sealer bags because of the duration of preservation and the plastic quality affecting the food. However, LEM produces some of the most reliable and trustworthy products for the food industry and can be recommended to people.