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Watch motivational movies and bring change to your life.

We are drawn to films because we love them. Movies are inspirational and brief us about real issues happening in our society. Even as children or adults, we love to watch movies because the film offers an answer to many of our questions.

We see low-life and high-life characters in the movie. Moviegoers can put up with a lot of good content and people to queue for challenging pedagogy. We want a different kind of reality at the cinema, something that shocks us and registers as amusing or accurate or even fantastic, if not incredibly beautiful.

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The Telugu film 36 Vayasulo is one of the very famous films of Tollywood that you can watch on Aha. The movie’s story is like Vasanthi (Jyothika), a 36-year-old housewife who wants to move to Ireland with her husband and 13-year-old daughter.

One fine day, she discovers that none other than India’s president wishes to visit her. Vasanthi messes up the meeting by fainting at the worst possible time. She quickly becomes a meme on the internet.

Her husband and daughter eventually fly to Ireland. Vasanthi is left alone and lonely, and it is at this point, her friend brings out the best in her and encourages her to start her own business.

Vasanthi proves her worth and astounds the world in a short period. Why did the president want to meet her, and how did she manage to achieve success in life? The rest of the plot is based on this and is very interesting to watch.


The Indian cinema takes the feeling of liberation from responsibility that we’ve all loved at the movies to an extreme that depicts our culture.

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